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    L A B O R A T O R Y C L O S U R E

    31 July 1995


    Biomechanics Laboratory

    University Hospital, University of Western Ontario

    Bryan Finlay and Adrian Liggins


    In 1973 research in Orthopaedic Biomechanics started at the newly
    opened University Hospital (UH) of the University of Western
    Ontario (UWO). This collaborative work involved Engineer Bryan
    Finlay and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ray Repo. Bryan had moved from
    the University of Strathclyde to take up the joint position of
    Chief of Biomedical Engineering with an academic appointment
    within Biophysics at UWO.

    After 10 years of productive part-time research and having
    established one of the leading Clinical Engineering units in
    Canada, Bryan moved from his Department Head position to take up
    a full-time position as the Director of the UH Orthopaedic
    Research Laboratory of UWO.

    The past 23 years of Biomechanics Research at UH has been
    particularly productive (some 80 Full Papers in refereed
    journals/books, and more than 150 Conference Papers/Abstracts).

    This past work has involved Bryan with his surgical colleagues
    (Drs Robert Bourne and Cecil Rorabeck), his engineering/science
    colleagues (Dr Robert Hardie, Dr Adrian Liggins, Dr Philip
    Drijber, Dr Tack Lam, Dr Pawel Kurowski, Ms Therese Moroz and Mr
    Andrew Dempsey), his veterinary colleague (Dr Mark Hurtig),
    Technical Staff (Jim Chivers-Wilson, John McLean, Peter Andreae,
    Mike Scott, Chris Lorantfy, and Boris Lysynski), and numerous
    undergraduate/postgraduate students and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

    Surgeons Cec Rorabeck and Bob Bourne, however, decided to close
    the Biomechanics Laboratory at University Hospital on 31st July
    1995 "... as it no longer represents their interests".

    Bryan and Adrian express their sincerest thanks to folk who wrote
    letters to the UWO Administration in support of attempts to
    retain the Laboratory at UWO; however, the university has
    determined that there is no possibility of relocation on the UWO
    campus for the laboratory and that Biomedical Engineering is not
    a priority for the Faculty of Engineering at UWO.

    Until we find full-time positions, we will continue to be
    available via e-mail and the Department of Medical Biophysics at
    UWO where we both hold unpaid appointments as Full Professor and
    Honourary Lecturer respectively:

    Adrian Liggins: 519-672-0107

    Bryan Finlay: 519-472-1346

    FAX: 519-661-2123 (Medical Biophysics, UWO)

    Bryan Finlay
    61 Hampton Crescent 519-472-1346
    London ON N6H 2P1