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Limb Osteometry -Request for pointers

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  • Limb Osteometry -Request for pointers

    Osteometric information on the lower limb: A request for pointers to.

    List subscribers,

    The recent posting regarding a "Standardised Femur" (based on an individual geometry)
    prompts me to approach the list with this request for pointers.

    I am interested in characterising the shapes of the long bones of the lower limb.

    For example, Are there a commonly used set of principal dimensions?
    What are the *normal* ranges for these dimensions?
    Can these dimensions be normalised/related to a parameter [/set of parameters]?
    Are there any parameters that capture specific shape information? etc.

    Though it would seem that answers to such questions ought to be available somewhere
    within the fields of anthropology/osteometry, forensic pathology and orthopeadic implants,
    I have had very little luck in unearthing anything concrete. And am thus turning to you.

    Would any of you have suggestions on where to start burrowing for more information?
    Pointers to any source that I can explore further will be gratefully received.

    For those with a similar interest, I will summarise the replies in a few weeks.

    Thanking you for you time,

    Santosh Zachariah

    Prosthetic Engineering Laboratory
    Centre for Bioengineering, Box 352255 internet:
    Univ. of Washington, ph: usa (206) 685 3488
    Seattle WA 98195 fax: 543 6124