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  • Vibration Course

    NYU Medical Center is hosting on October 23-24 a two-day seminar on
    Ergonomics of Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration. The seminar is co-sponsored
    by the Occupational & Industrial Orthopaedic Center (OIOC) and Ergonomic
    Technologies Corporation (ETC). The seminar is given by Donald Wasserman, a
    leading expert in the field.
    The seminar will deal with understanding, measuring and controlling the
    effects of occupational vibration on the human body. The course is
    introductory and requires no previous training in vibration or ergonomics.
    It is designed for individuals who are responsible for safety and health, as
    well as engineers and operations personnel in companies where employees are
    exposed to vibration, or companies that design vibration producing\damping
    equipment. The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) awarded the
    seminar 2 continuing education maintenance points.

    For registration call Manny Halpern, course coordinator at OIOC (212)
    255-6690 fax (212) 255-6754.
    Ben F. Willems
    Occupational and Industrial Orthopaedic Center
    63 Downing Street
    New York, NY 10014
    Phone: 212 255 6690
    Fax: 212 255 6754
    e-mail: (academic) (personal)