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Position: Grad. Assistant in Blood Flow

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  • Position: Grad. Assistant in Blood Flow

    Due to a problem with a mail package, the following posting
    for a colleague was sent without a header.

    Sorry for any headerless reading.

    Mark C. Miller

    In conjunction with the Department of Neurological Surgery, the
    Mechanical Engineering Department has support for a student
    to pursue doctoral work in the computational modeling of arterial blood flow.
    The research will focus on the finite element modeling of blood flow to
    examine the factors involved in the formation of saccular "berry" aneurysms.
    Computational models also will be used to assess the effects of
    medical/surgical therapies in the treatment of saccular aneurysms.

    A master's degree in a related field is prerequisite and
    willingness to work in an interdisciplinary environment is
    necessary. Previous experience with the use of the finite element
    analysis as well as a theoretical background in the method is required.

    The need to fill the position by 1 January, 1996 is anticipated.

    Forward a curriculum vitae or for more information contact

    Professor Patrick Smolinski, PhD.
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    648 Benedum Hall
    University of Pittsburgh,
    Pittsburgh, PA 15261