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Surface EMG Meeting-- WOrld's 1st CLinical meeting

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  • Surface EMG Meeting-- WOrld's 1st CLinical meeting

    World's First Clinical, Applied Surface EMG Meeting
    Advanced Muscle topics Colloquium
    February 2-5, 1996 Key West, Florida
    Foundations Course, February 1, 1996
    Announcement/ Call for brief (5-15 minute) presentation proposals
    Co-Sponsored by AAPB-- The Association For Applied Psychophysiology and
    Biofeedback, American Academy of Pain Management, Surface EMG Society of North
    America, FUTUREHEALTH, Inc, and Thought Technology, LTD.
    Organized by Rob Kall
    This is a historical meeting -- organized to build a stronger, more solid
    footing for surface EMG. Learn, what is new and exciting from a majority of the
    world's leading experts in Clinical EMG. And take practical workshops with them!
    20+ Speakers Tentatively Including:

    John Basmajian-EMG pioneer, Author Muscles Alive,
    Gideon Ariel- movement and muscle; kinesiology & video
    Bernard Brucker- Spinal cord injury rehab,
    Stu Donaldson- Carpal Tunnel & back pain dynamic assessment,
    building a waiting list practice in a managed care environment,
    R. Gevirtz, David Hubbard - EMG & Trigger Pts,
    Barbara Headley- muscle recovery, trigger points
    Carmine Iacono - EMG Scanning in headache & Back pain assmnt,
    Rob Kall - EMG at the Turn of the Century , Smile sEMG Training
    Glen Kasman - EMG & PT, EMG & Stim,
    M. Meyerowitz -Chiropractic, Static & Dynamic EMG,
    Susan Middaugh - Back Pain,
    Elsayed El-Moty - Kinesiology and Technology,
    Erik Peper- sEMG and Computer terminals
    John Perry - incontinence, sexual dysfunction
    Serge Roy - Muscle Fatigue & FFT,
    Richard Sherman - Chronic Pain, Ambulatory EMG, phantom
    Jeanette Tries - OT rehab, Incontinence
    Steve Wolf - physical rehab

    The Key West Advanced Meeting/Spa/Colloquium Vision: To bring together the
    world's best leaders and thinkers in the field to network, share advanced ideas,
    & techniques, have fun, and advance the field forward while having tropical fun.

    Discussion panels, composed of the lead speakers are exciting forums for
    interaction, discovery, idea sharing and synergy.
    Advanced technique workshops (Optional ) by world's experts offer you a great
    chance to learn the newest ideas and techniques from the originators.

    Rob Kall, with FUTUREHEALTH Inc., has been organizing the Key West Applied
    Neurophysiology and EEG biofeedback meeting for four years.
    Here's what world leaders in biofeedback have to say about the Key West Meeting

    "The premier meeting... and an outstanding opportunity for in-depth interaction
    with the experts in the field." Joel Lubar, President Elect, AAPB Association
    for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback
    "The in-depth presentations and willingness to share of the presenters is out-
    Patricia Norris past AAPB pres

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Registration & Discount Info
    $415 by 10/15, $440 by 11/15, $465 by 12/15, $495 by 12/31/95,
    $520 by 1/15/96, $550 after 1/30/96
    sEMG Foundations Course $195 on site
    Combination sEMG Advanced Meeting & 1 day Fndtns Course $525 by 10/15,
    $560 by 11/15, $595 by 12/15, $630 by 12/31/95,
    $660 by 1/15/96, $699 after 1/30/96
    *based on cash or check add 3% for any CC

    Optional two and four hour technique workshops will be held in afternoons. They
    will be announced in Early December. Pre-registration is $45 and $75. On site
    registration is $50 and $85.

    _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Hotel Reservations: Key West Holiday Inn 305-294-2571. Conference attendee room
    rates are $115 per night for one or two people in a room.
    We recommend you fly into Miami, rent a car, and drive to Key West, since the
    cost for the airline connection is about the same as a one week rental (though
    some package deals are less by plane.)

    3171 Rail Ave, Trevose PA 19053
    215-364-4445, fax 215-364-4447
    e-mail 75162, or 74354,