Dear Ivo,

There was an error in your compuserve address - so excuse me all - for filling
the list with this message addressed to you personnaly.

Though your question was a little "vague", I'd like to give a commercial answer
to it.
But this answer would be much more precise if I knew better what you mean by "3D
optoelectric tracking system"
Our company, BTS, has designed the well known Elite system for motion analysis.
It is made of an 3D optoelectronic TV cam system (HW) with a full space "multi
camera tracking" (SW).
What are you looking for : HW (hardware) , SW (software) or both ?
What is your field of interest : research or clinical applications or else ?
Where are you located ? (your message does not say)
Please give me some more details and I'll supply you with all necessary
information regarding our system.


Martin P. van den Berg
BTS Euro Sales Support
Phone : 32-10-41.79.82
Fax : 32-10-41.77.86
E-Mail :