Dear Southeast Qualisys Users,
So that we can better serve you, we are compiling a list of our users in the
Southeast. This way we can network you with other users in your local area.
Perhaps they have the same questions, concerns, problems, or solutions! If
you are currently using a Qualisys product, please send the following
information: Name of Institutuion, Contact Name, Physical Mailing Adress,
Phone #, Fax #, E-mail Address, Your Specific Application(s), Type of
Qualisys System Used, Measurement Frequency, System Configuration, Analog
Components Used, and Questions, Problems, or Concerns. Send this
information via e-mail to '' By compiling such a database, I
can work to better serve your specific needs. I can also put you in contact
with other users that have similar applications. All information will be
confidential, unless otherwise notified of release by Qualisys South.


Chris Mejia
Qualisys South