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CALL FOR HELP: NIH items & support

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  • CALL FOR HELP: NIH items & support

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Scanning the NIH email Guide database at Johns Hopkins University (just
    start by sending the request INDEX NIHGDE-L to LISTSERV@JHUVM.BITNET) for
    last year has been a time-consuming job; I think that some more relevant
    items for Biomch-L have been found. The last ones for 1990 are, in my mind:

    File NIHGDE-L 90-00197
    (NIH Guide, Vol. 19, No. 42, Nov 23, 1990)

    - Research on Low Back Pain (PA-91-09)
    Research Grant Application Receipt Dates: Feb 1, Jun 1, Oct 1, 1990
    NRS Award Application Receipt Dates: Jan 10, May 10, Sep 10, 1990

    - Biomedical Research Support Grant Applications for Fiscal Year 1991
    Application Receipt Date: Dec 31, 1990

    Files NIHGDE-L 90-00210 and NIHGDE-L 90-00211
    (NIH Guide, Vol. 19, No. 45, Dec 14, 1990)

    - Clinical Research Centers on Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and
    CNS Trauma (NS-91-02)
    Deadlines: Letter of Intent Receipt Date: Mar 1, 1991 (not mandatory)
    Application Receipt Date: Apr 26, 1991

    Files NIHGDE-L 90-00214 and NIHGDE-L 90-00216
    (NIH Guide, Vol. 19, No. 46, Dec 28, 1990)

    - Specialized Centers of Research in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA SCOR),
    Specialized Centers of Research in Osteoarthritis (OA SCOR),
    Specialized Centers of Research in Osteoporosis (OP SCOR)
    Deadlines: Letter of Intent Receipt Date for RA & OP SCOR: Jul 1, 1991
    Application Receipt Date : Oct 15, 1991
    Letter of Intent Receipt Date for OA SCOR: Nov 1, 1991
    Application Receipt Date : Feb 14, 1992

    Furthermore, following my posting of 30 March 1991 on ME/CFS, I came across
    the following RFA announcement:

    Files NIHGDE-L 91-00253 and NIHGDE-L 91-00258
    (NIH Guide, Vol. 20, No. 6, Feb 8, 1991)

    - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Research Centres (RFA AI-91-02)
    Deadlines: Letter of Intent Receipt Date: Mar 1, 1991
    Application Receipt Date: Apr 1, 1991

    Also, there is a `metalist' for NIHGDE-L which discusses various ways in
    which the NIH email Guide is made available on local systems: see file
    NIHGDE-L 90-00188 for further details. Finally, file NIHGDE-L 90-00098
    contains the list of (>140) universities, including a few non-American
    ones, that were subscribing to NIHGDE-L at the end of March 1990.

    All these files can be retrieved from the JHU fileserver by sending the
    request SEND NIHGDE-L 9?-00??? to LISTSERV@JHUVM.BITNET, either inter-
    actively (EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH users only) or as an email note (for all).
    If more than one file is requested, you run the risk of reaching the
    daily quote of 256 kB; the file server will than inform you when you may
    try again. If you're in a hurry, try asking for unsent files from
    another account or via a different mailer (I have done so by sending
    requests both from UGDIST@HNYKUN53.BITNET and from UGDIST@NICI.KUN.NL);
    also, you might ask a friend to issue the request GIVE TO
    to the LISTSERVer; I'm not sure whether such tricks
    always work or are, indeed, proper practice ...

    While it has been a pleasure to do some browsing in this database by way
    of one-time effort, I hope that some American subscriber(s) are prepared to
    monitor the NIH distribution list from now on, and willing to post relevant
    items onto our list. Such activities occur also on other lists; for example,
    two such items were received a few minutes ago from RESEARCH@TEMPLEVM.BITNET.

    This is a CALL FOR HELP from your co-moderators ... Please respond either
    publicly to the list or in private to Ton van den Bogert
    in Utrecht/NL or to

    Herman J. Woltring

    Thank you!