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15th Southern Biomedical Eng. Conf. (2nd Notice)

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  • 15th Southern Biomedical Eng. Conf. (2nd Notice)

    (Second Notice)

    The 15th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference will be held on
    March 29-31, 1996, at the Holiday Inn, Dayton Mall, Dayton, Ohio, USA).
    The meeting is being co-sponsored by three institutions which offer
    biomedical engineering programs - the University of Dayton, Wright
    State University, and Armstrong Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

    Dayton is located within four-hundred miles of several other cities which
    have good biomedical engineering programs such as Akron, Ann Arbor,
    Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Lafayette, Terre Haute, and
    Toledo. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is also expected to provide
    technical contributions from researchers at the Wright and Armstrong
    Laboratories. We expect the Dayton conference to attract many participants
    from this area as well as many from other parts of the United States and

    We also feel that this area has much to offer visitors. As the home of
    the Wright Brothers, Dayton's rich aviation history is on display at
    several locations including the U.S. Air Force Museum, which is the
    largest military aviation museum in the world. Other attractions include
    an excellent art museum and natural history museum, a large variety of
    performing arts, fine restaurants and interesting, one-of-a-kind shops.

    I have invited nine plenary session speakers who will present the following
    topics: 1) Polymers in Bioengineering of Cardiovascular Devices;
    2) Absorbable Composites in Orthopaedics; 3) FDA & Biomedical Engineering;
    4) Bioresorbable Polymers for Gene Therapy Applications; 5) Future
    Federal Funding Trends; 6) Biomedical Imaging; 7) Human Motion Analysis;
    and 8) Issue of Information Management in Medicine; 9) Biomaterials for
    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

    The nine plenary session speakers for the 1996 15th SBC are:

    J. Anderson, Editor, Journal of Biomedical Materials & Research
    H. Alexander, Editor, Journal of Applied Biomaterials
    B. Burlington, Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health FDA
    R. C. Eberhart, Dept. of Surgery, University Health Center, Dallas, Texas
    J. Fouke, Division Director, Biomedical Engineering & Environmental
    Systems, NSF
    T. Hangartner, Biomedical Imaging, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio
    G. Harris, Director, Research & Human Motion Analysis, Medical College
    of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    S. Laxminarayanan, Vice President IEEE & Professor UMDNJ, Newark, New Jersey
    A. Tofe, President & CEO, Ceramed Corporation, Lakewood, Colorado.

    I have contacted all the speakers and they have agreed to give their keynote
    addresses at the beginning of each cluster of sessions of general papers.

    The plenary sessions will cover some areas related to biomedical engineering
    and are expected to enrich our meeting in several ways. They will provide
    the opportunity to discuss critical areas of biomaterials, device
    developments and bioengineering which biomedical engineers in academia and
    industry must address in the immediate future. The presence of the plenary
    speakers, representatives from industry, and other experts will allow
    participants, especially students, to establish personal contacts which
    could lead to future collaboration, postdoctoral appointments and employment.

    Student Awards

    Undergraduate and graduate students as well as medical students and residency
    candidates are encouraged to submit papers. Several awards will be given to
    honor the best presentations in each student paper category. Please
    indicate with your abstract if you wish your paper to be considered for a
    student award.

    Abstract Format

    Title Bold and Centered
    Author(s) and Affiliation(s) Centered

    A 500 word single spaced abstract should be right and left justified,
    if possible, and should have one inch margins. Skip a line between
    paragraphs. Printing should be done with a ribbon which will allow
    high quality reproduction when the abstract is copied. Please do not
    forget to send your 500 word abstract by November 3, 1995. Acceptance of
    abstract will be mailed by December 1, 1995, and manuscripts are due by
    January 5, 1996. All accepted manuscripts (up to 4 pages) will be published
    in the conference proceedings book by IEEE/EMBS which will be available at
    the meeting.

    I am looking forward to your participation in the conference.


    P.K. Bajpai, Ph.D.
    Conference Chair
    15th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference

    Phone: (513) 229-2135 FAX: (513) 229-2021

    To date the special sessions (listed below) have been organized (on a
    volunteer basis) for the conference. If you are interested in organizing a
    session please contact me by phone, letter or e-mail.

    1) Impact of FDA Regulation on Biomedical Industry; 2) Use of Rapid
    Prototyping & Custom Implants in Medicine; 3) Quality Assurances Related
    to Biomedical Engineering; 4) Ultrasound in Cardiovascular Disease; 5)
    Tissue Engineering; and 6) Bone.
    1. Registration fees for students (with documentation) is $75.00
    2. Registration fees for all others (including chairs) is $175
    3. Registration fees for all others (on site) at the conference is $200