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    Dear subscribers,

    Please note the following:

    1. Spams (again...)
    There's nothing we can do against the magazine ad, other than
    complain to the originator of the message. No doubt their
    account has already been revoked by their Internet provider.
    Please don't complain to the list; this only makes things worse.
    Complaining to me doesn't help much either, since I am aware of
    the problem. Believe me, things could be much worse if LISTSERV
    did not stop most of these spamming attempts. The only real
    solution would be to set up Biomch-L as an 'edited' list,
    i.e. a human editor would review all messages before they are
    distributed. This would be a lot of work, and we would lose some
    of the speed of this medium. Right now, it does not seem to be
    necessary (yet...).

    2. Replying to Biomch-L messages
    Most (but not all) mail systems are set up to reply to the
    originator of a message, rather than to the entire list. The
    first time you reply to a Biomch-L message, you should watch
    carefully. Your mail software will probably ask for
    confirmation, before actually sending. Otherwise you may end up
    sending a private message to all subscribers. This especially
    applies to 'DIGEST' subscribers, their replies probably go to the
    entire list by default.

    3. Full text of ICR discussions
    About four years ago there was an interesting discussion on
    Biomch-L on the use of instantaneous center of rotation
    vs. a fixed center of rotation for analysis of joint moments,
    power etc. I have placed the full text of these discussions on
    LISTSERV. The file can be retrieved by sending 'GET ICR TOPIC'
    to In light of the present discussions
    on standardization, another file on 3D joint angle quantification
    may be interesting. That file can be obtained using the request

    4. Administrative messages
    Please send messages related to your Biomch-L subscription
    (signoff, unsubscribe etc.) to Do *NOT*
    send such messages to Biomch-L. If LISTSERV can't help you,
    please contact me or one of the other list moderators.

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator