Dear Subscribers,
I am doing research on functional knee braces and I came across
some limited literature on the OMNI ALIGN knee brace. It's a brace
that relieves varus and valgus stress for the medial and lateral
compartments of the knee-depending on which is needed. There is a
side thigh flange on the affected side, a distal tibial cuff,
contoured posterior laterally on affected side as well as uprights at
the condyles, 'engineered superiorly and inferiorly to align lower
extremity to mechanically neutral position'. I understand the basic
mechanics of bringing the joint back to a neutral position, but what
I don't understand is how the brace controls 'vertical' motion. What is
to stop the femur from crashing back down onto the tibial plateau
once stress is applied downwards in the extended position (assuming that the
affected side is missing a functional compartment cartilage). Its not a
functional brace but the knee would still undergo some
sagittal/tibial plane stress during plain walking wouldn't it? I
apologize if this is not enough info, but my literature is limited at
least for the moment. Can someone at least tell me what else I can
look for?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Spencer Malcolm
University of Edinburgh