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  • Re: decisions being made NOW re: science funding

    In regard to the post of Wynne Lee:

    > From: Wynne Lee
    > ...
    > I'd urge you to read the following about decisions being made NOW re:
    > funding of science in the US. Please consider if you might want to add
    > your own input (support, I hope -- but that's up to you) to the discussion.
    > ...
    >TO: Rapid Response Network (RRN)
    >FROM:Society for Neuroscience
    >Dr. Carla J. Shatz, President
    >RE: Immediate Action
    >As you may know, H.R. 2127, the FY 1996 Labor-Health and Human
    >Services-Education (L-HHS) appropriations bill, has been delayed in the
    >Senate. Because the Senate has not yet passed the appropriations bill, the
    >National Institutes of Health (NIH) is currently being funded under a
    >continuing resolution. This funding is 95% of the FY 1995 level and below
    >the FY 1996 level proposed in the House-passed and Senate-committee bills.
    > ... rest deleted

    Instead of mailing a letter, you can send e-mail to Rep. Gingrich
    and Senator Domenici(appropriations chair)!

    Hon. Newt Gingrich
    Hon. Pete Domenici

    or you can call the Capitol Switchboard (800) 768-2221 and ask to speak to
    Senators Dole and Domenici. Ask their aides to support funding NIH at the levels
    proposed in the House version of the bill.

    If you do write a letter, use your work as an example of the positive impact of
    medical research on improving the quality of life of Americans. Make sure
    your letter is concise and clear.


    ************************************************** ******************************

    Dave Giurintano
    Paul Brand Biomechancis Lab
    GWL Hansen's Disease Center (504) 642-4731 W
    Carville LA 70721 (504) 642-4738 F