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    Dear subscribers,

    Please do not perpetuate the hoax of the 'Good Times' virus.
    There is no such thing, it's completely bogus. In fact, this
    warning message istelf is a virus; it is annoying, takes up time
    and resources, and spreads itself like a pest. This is called a
    'thought virus' or 'social virus', and there have been several of
    those on the Internet.

    The Good Times hoax has been around since December 1994, and
    absolutely no one has ever reported any symptoms of being
    infected by a virus as described in the warning message.

    If you don't believe me, look at the web page: .

    It is really amazing that anyone with a basic understanding of
    computers could actually believe things such as:

    >be destroyed. If the program is not stopped, the computer's
    >processor will be placed in an nth-complexity infinite binary loop -
    >which can severely damage the processor if left running that way too

    Reminds me of Star Trek's pseudo-scientific jargon. And why
    would this really clever virus be so stupid as to produce the
    exact same Subject: line each time? Hm?

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator