Hi all,
I am proposing to write some software for EMG timing analysis. I have been
using the Defabio 1987 algorithm which takes the mean of a 50ms resting
signal and 'on' is defined as mean + 3 Standard deviations of the mean
resting signal for 25ms.
However, we have some situations were the muscle turns on in a tonic manner
then a phasic burst appears, then tonic and back to complete rest when the
movement is complete. The DeFabio algorithm can not detect the phasic burst
from the tonic activity.
I have done a literature search and the Defabio model or versions of it
seems popular but I want to know if there are any other methods being used
that I have missed.
Therefore my questions are;
1. What algorithms have been used for the above situation and have you
assessed their validity and realiability?
2. For normal ie no tonic activity, 'onset' determination, what algorithms
are in use other than the Defabio one and have their validity and
realiability been assessed?
As usual I will post a summary
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