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Pressure sensitive conductive rubber

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  • Pressure sensitive conductive rubber

    Dear BIOMCH_LER!

    A few months ago I posted a request for the address of the Yokohama company who
    manufacture conductive rubber whose electrical resistance varies according to
    the applied pressure.

    I posted a summary at the time, but have since had further requests for
    information. I am therefore repeating the most important information that I
    received again here:

    I received two addresses for Yokohama!:

    Yokohama Rubber
    Overseas Sales
    Attn. Mr. Yamamoto
    6-1-11 Shinbashi
    Minato Ku, Tokyo 105
    Tel: +81 (3) 5400 4816
    Fax: +81 (3) 5400-4830

    The Yokohama Rubber CO., LTD
    Hiratsuka Plant
    M.B. Technical Development Center
    2-1 Oiwake Hratsuka
    Kanagawa 254, Japan

    One Yokohama (!) has a toll free support number: 800/423-4544. This is a company
    that makes tires and hoses.

    Prof. Toshiaki Hara at Niggata University, Japan, Dept. of ME (fax:
    81-025-261-3563) has used this material to measure the wrist joint pressure (J.
    Hand Surgery 17A 339-347, 1992)

    Dr. Shohi Morimoto is a skilled user of conductive rubbers:

    This is a brief summary of the information that I received. I hope that this
    will be useful to those who are still interested!

    Anna Hayes (Dr.)
    Novel Biomechanics Laboratory
    Beichstrasse 8
    80802 Munich

    Tel: 0049 89 390102
    Fax: 0049 89 337432