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Mechanics and Modeling of Human Tissue

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  • Mechanics and Modeling of Human Tissue

    Dear BIOMCH-L Subscribers,

    I will be putting together a new graduate course at George Washington
    University entitled "Mechanics and Modeling of Human Tissue" and would like
    subscriber feedback involved in its creation.

    Comments on a "wish list" of what one would like to see in a course of this
    type as well as suggestions on texts, syllabi, current literature for review,
    and laboratory experiments would be appreciated.

    Suggestions and comments from anyone familiar with a previously developed
    course of this nature would also be appreciated.

    They proposed course abstract is as follows;

    Classical testing and modeling of isometric materials; introduction to
    materials testing equipment; classical models of biological materials; modern
    and hypothetical testing of biological materials; safe laboratory practice
    with biological tissues; storage effects of biological materials; recent
    literature on testing and modeling of tissue; FEM modeling of tissue (highly

    Course structure will include lectures, round table discussions and laboratory

    Happy holidays,

    Michael D. McPartland, Ph.D.
    National Crash Analysis Center
    George Washington University