Hello to you all!

For many years I have used theSensorMedics miniature skin electrodes ref 650
414 with the recommended electrolyte from TECA ref 201 210. The trio
electrode-electrolyte-skin interfaces had a stable impedance. =20
Recently the compositionof the electrolyte, even if the reference are
identical, has been changed. The actual electrolyte is made by Vickers
Medical for TECA the old one was made by Numelec. It reveals to be more
unstable with time, its consistency makes difficult to fill the electrode
small well without introducing air bubble.

Does any one have already done impedance and capacitance measurements with
these electrodes and this electrolyte while applied on the skin?

Can someone recommend a better "cream"? It must be transparent to check for
the bubbles introduced into the well while filling with electrolyte.

As usual all the answers will be posted

Thanks for your help,

Yves Blanc
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Blanc Yves
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