A "one day symposium" is organised by the POLITECNICO di MILANO in
concomitance with the MILAN ATP TOUR (February 26th - March 3rd) belonging to
Championship Series Week of ATP tour.
One aim of the symposium is to give a scientific contribution to the
evolution of this sport and to provide information profitable for tennis
professionals, coaches, amateurs and equipment manufacturers.
Another aim of the meeting is to promote the debate and to share data among
people with common research interests in tennis.

The one-day conference will be held in Brun Hotel (Milano) , the
first of March 1995 - because the shortage of time, the conference will by
structured as follows:
- about TEN LECTURES will be given by outstanding researchers from
many countries (USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, Russia, Italy etc.), which have
been INVITED by the organisers.
- a POSTER SESSION is OPEN to any contribution, if accepted by the
scientific committee. (after the symposium the posters will also be displayed,
probably in the structure connected to the tennis court of the ATP tournament)
- a round table on the evolution of tennis rules and testing standards will
close the sessions.
The main topics of the invited lectures will be: mechanical
characterisation of tennis equipment, experimental analysis and mathematical
simulation of ball-racket impact phase, biomechanics of movement, orthopaedic
pathologies related to tennis, analysis of physiological data measured during
high level games, characteristics of tennis shoes, analysis of proposals
for rules changes etc.


Participants are invited to submit the abstract of POSTERS on tennis
biomechanics or tennis equipment mechanics,
the deadline is: 10th February 1996.
Notification of acceptance (or rejection) will be mailed or E_MAILed or FAXed
as soon as possible but not later than 15th February.
Size and text type:
Abstract must be one camera ready A4 (size 210 x 297 mm) page
within a 250mm high and 150 mm wide rectangle. If possible,
the text should be printed with 12-pt Time font or similar.

The ABSTRACT and the REGISTRATION FORM must be sent to:
Dr. Federico Casolo
1st International Symposium on Tennis Biomechanics
D.S.T.M. - Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32 20133 - MILANO (Italy)


First name: Family name:


Mailing address:


Phone: Fax: E-Mail:

The registration fee, 50.000 italian Lire (approx. 30 USA Dollars),
can be paid at the symposium front desk.

It is also possible to send the registration form to:
fax +39.2.70631646 ; E_mail: TENNIS@ IPMBIO.DSTM.POLIMI.IT


to the Scientific Committee of the 1th ISTB

I intend to present a POSTER to the 1st International Symposium
on Tennis Biomechanics (Milano 1th March)

Author First name and Family name:

Co-Author First names and Family names:


Mailing address:


Phone Fax E-Mail

Two copies of the abstract (camera ready) must be enclosed

NEXT ANNOUNCEMENT will include more information on symposium program, on the
accommodation and on the Milan ATP tour.

In order to receive next announcement please send a message to:
Dr.Manuela Galli - Politecnico di Milano , D.S.T.M. settore BIOMECCANICA
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20 133 Milano (Italy)
fax +39.2.70631646 ; E_mail: TENNIS@ IPMBIO.DSTM.POLIMI.IT