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  • Scientific Plot - Mac


    I am searching for plotting applications that handle scientific
    data on the Mac (hopefully PowerPC). I remember a similar request for the
    PC, but I could not find one for the Mac.

    My favorite was HORIZONS. It was one of the best applications I
    have ever used, but unfortunately they seem to have disappeared and the old
    version does not run one a PowerPC. We used earlier versions of CRICKET
    GRAPH, but it always plots the independent variable in ascending order, not
    in the order listed. This caused a lot of confusion in our lab for a
    while. We have recently tried SIGMAPLOT on the Mac, and it will be the
    first software that I send back! Besides a whole list of other problems,
    the last straw was when I resized a graph - the axes scaled and the data
    did not! We use MATLAB extensively, but it has limited plot symbols and
    graphing capabilities.

    Thanks for your input. I will post the summary.


    J.J. Trey Crisco, Ph.D.
    Director Bioengineering Laboratory
    Orthopaedic Research, SWP-3
    Rhode Island Hospital
    Providence, RI 02903

    voice: 401-444-4231
    fax: 401-444-4559