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Scientific Software for the MAC ...

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  • Scientific Software for the MAC ...

    A couple of folks have asked for information relating
    to scientific software for the MAC ...

    Anyone looking for a comprehensive list of scientific
    software for a particular platform should take a look
    at the annual "Scientific Software Guide" which is
    published by "Scientific Computing and Automation".

    The products are first broken-down by category ...

    Mathematics, Statistics, Data ACquisition, LIMS (that's
    Laboratory Information Management Systems), Digital
    Signal Processing, Molecular Modeling, Physics, Image
    Analysis/Processing, Chemistry, Chemical Information
    Management, Simulation, Scientific Word Processing,
    CAD/CAE, Genetics, Biology & Medicine, DATA ANALYSIS,
    Scientific Visualization, Process Control, Presentation
    Graphics, Neural Networks/AI, and Instrument Control

    and then by operating system ...

    DOS, OS/2, Windows, Windows NT, MAC, Power MAC, UNIX,
    VAX/VMS, and Proprietary/Other.

    All of the information needed to contact the various
    vendors is included in the guide. The guide itself
    is in the typical magazine format ... a la, "Science",
    "Newsweek", ... "Playboy", whatever. The edition
    I'm looking at (94/95) has 48 pages. I may have
    a slightly more recent (95/96) version, but I can't
    put my hands on it at the moment.

    Contact information ...

    Scientific Computing and Automation
    Gordon Publications, Inc.
    301 Gibraltar Drive, Box 650
    Morris Plains, NJ 07950-0650

    Phone: 201-292-5100
    FAX : 201-898-9281

    The publisher is in California at ...

    Phone: 408-297-6800

    I've not found a more comprehensive guide.
    Hope this helps.

    Jim WALTON
    Chairman, SPIE Working Group on High-Speed Photography,
    Videography and Photonics
    Exhibit & Commercial Chair, 22nd International Congress
    on High-Speed Photography and Photonics.

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    * SEBASTOPOL, CA 95472 * FAX: 707/829-3527 *
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