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Assistantships at Miss. State

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  • Assistantships at Miss. State

    At least one of the assistantships below may be of interest - J. Gilbert

    GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS - Ag & Bio Engineering, Miss. State Univ.

    The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi
    State University is interested in recruiting graduate students who may be
    interested in one of the four following areas: biomaterials/
    biocompatibility, mathematical modeling of plant canopy physiological
    functions, deep tillage energy studies, or environmental issues in
    agriculture. Potential students could start as early as July 1, 1996 or as
    late as August 14, 1996. Depending upon availability of funds, up to four
    assistantships will be awarded on a competitive basis with the monthly
    stipend of $800 for a M.S. student or $1100 for a Ph.D. student. Each
    assistantship will carry a tuition waiver. -- The selection process will
    begin on May 1, 1996.
    The research areas for the assistantships is described below:
    1. BIOMATERIALS - research into the biocompatibility of implant materials
    will be investigated in cell culture studies and possible animal studies.
    Research will involve corrosion analysis, microscopy (light and EM), and
    cellular/animal studies. Potential commitment for two years. M.S. student
    2. CANOPY MODELING - a plant canopy microenvironment simulation model will
    be developed to explore interactions between physical, physiological and
    environmental parameters as they relate to transport phenomena.
    Microsensors will be used to record biophysical parameters in the cotton
    canopy microenvironment as input to the model as well as canopy
    architecture. Potential commitment for three years. Ph.D. student sought.
    3. DEEP TILLAGE ENERGY STUDIES - research will be conducted into the
    energy requirements associated with deep tillage planting. Such parameters
    as fuel consumption and horsepower requirements will be investigated in
    various soil types in order to quantitate energy costs of deep tillage.
    Potential commitment for two years. M.S. student sought.
    4. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES IN AGRICULTURE - topics such as animal waste
    management, monitoring of storm runoff, erosion and sediment control, and
    off-site movement of nutrients and chemicals in the soil will be
    investigated. Potential commitment for two years. M.S. student sought.
    Students interested in these assistantships must have a B.S. in an
    engineering field with a GPA of 2.75. Applicants not holding a B.S. or
    M.S. in engineering will be considered but will be required to take
    remedial undergraduate engineering courses). Students must also have a
    combined GRE score of 1050 (verbal and quantitative) and a TOEFL score of
    550 (if applicable) and meet requirements of the Graduate School for

    Contact by May 1st: Dr. Jerome A. Gilbert
    Interim Department Head
    Ag & Bio Engineering
    Mississippi State University
    Box 6932
    Mississippi State, MS 39762
    (601) 325-3282

    Mississippi State University does not discriminate on the basis of race,
    color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status.