I have recently begun a line of research examining injury during
high speed boat operations. The craft are of multiple designs.
One class is rigid hull with an inflatable above-water rim (rigid
hull inflatables[RIBS]). Others are rigid hull craft of various
lengths. All of these craft are capable of speeds in excess of 35

We have data on the impact forces on the craft in various sea
states (wave/swell heights), some in excess of 10 g. We are
interested in the long term effects of shock and vibration on the
lower limbs and the lower back. We would like to instrument boat
operators and riders to obtain data on the forces imposed on them.

I would appreciate any information on:
1. Appropriate accelerometers (brand/name) or other
equipment that could record impact profiles,
2. Where the accelerometers should be attached to obtain a
'meaningful' force profile, and
3. Mathematical/Computer models that might be used in
predicting the forces.

Not being a biomechanist by training (physiology is my area), I
would appreciate any information that this group could provide on
these questions. Responses could be by post or personal E-mail,
if that's preferred.
Thanks in advance,