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    Graduate Assistantship(s)

    The Department of Human Kinetics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has
    2 graduate assistantship openings (Master's degree level). Both positions
    start August 19, 1996, are 1 year appointments (9 months), and are renewable.

    The Department of Human Kinetics offers a Master of Science degree program
    emphasizing research in the human movement sciences. This program provides
    instruction and research opportunities for students interested in studying the
    human under dynamic conditions. The thrust of the curriculum is the
    integration of the body of knowledge fundamental to the science of human
    movement through study in three of the five subdiscipline areas represented by
    faculty in the program (Biomechanics, Motor Control, Exercise Physiology, and
    Psychological & Sociological Aspects of physical activity).

    Only students accepted to the Human Kinetics graduate program will be
    considered for either position. The minimal criteria for admission to the
    program include:
    1) a combined GRE score of 1000 (quantitative + verbal)
    2) an undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 (4 point system)
    3) suitable coursework history
    Candidates should express their interest in either position by including a
    statement and other appropriate information (resume, vita, or narrative
    identifying relevant experiences for the appointment of interest) with their
    application materials. Contact the Graduate School or the Graduate
    Coordinator for materials and procedures (see below).

    Position #1:
    Biomechanics Teaching Assistant. Primary responsibilities are
    associated with the delivery of undergraduate lab sections under the
    supervision of the course instructor, consulting with students during
    office hours, and assisting with other class administration needs.
    Supervisor: Dr. Philip Schot (email:

    Position #2:
    Motor Control Research Assistant. This position involves assisting with
    an active NIH-funded research project examining force coordination and
    control during a fine motor task.
    Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Hart (email:

    Both positions are 1/2 time appointments and carry an out-of-state tuition
    waiver. GAs are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 semester hours to
    maintain eligibility. The stipend is approximately $6000 per semester and the
    in-state tuition cost is approximately $1700 per semester.

    Contact Info:
    ================================================== ========================
    The UWM Graduate School Graduate Program Coordinator
    Admissions - 261 Mitchell Department of Human Kinetics
    3203 North Downer Avenue University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Milwaukee, WI 53201 P.O. Box 413
    (414) 229-4982 Milwaukee, WI 53201
    (414) 229-6080
    ================================================== ========================