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EMG expert volunteers needed.

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  • EMG expert volunteers needed.

    I am recruiting volunteers to serve as experts in a study regarding the
    interpretation of muscle activation states from surface EMG. Experts
    will be required to evaluate a series of electromyograms and mark the
    onset and cessation of muscle activity under various filter conditions.
    These evaluations will then be used to evaluate the results obtained from
    an algorithm for automated detection of changes in activation state. The
    EMG recordings represent a variety of movement and activation conditions.

    Evaluations will be performed using an interactive computer program that
    has been designed to automatically present the EMG and collect and store
    the data as the expert marks onsets and cessations by moving a marker
    along the EMG on a computer monitor. Total time involved should be
    less than 1 hour. An IBM compatible microcomputer with a 3.5" HD floppy
    disk drive is required. Minimum processor would be a 25MHz 80386.

    If you are interested, please respond with your address via US Postal
    Service and a brief description of your experience interpreting EMGs. A
    variety of experience levels will be required. All those participating
    will receive a copy of the results when complete, including a descrition
    of the algorithm used.



    Leonard G. Caillouet
    Graduate Student
    Department of Kinesiology
    Louisiana State University

    US mail:
    57840 Homestead Drive
    Plaquemine, LA 70764