Ph.D Studentship in Liverpool.

There is an NERC Ph.D studentship coming up in the Dept of Human
Anatomy and Cell Biology at The University of Liverpool, UK. The
student will work towards a Ph. D with Dr R.H. Crompton on the
mechanics of the hip joint in early Homo. Work involves computer
simulations using musculographics software on a Silicon Graphics
Reality Station. Candidates with a strong background in computing
(including C programming) or in biomechanics and a Honours degree
(Class 2.1 or above) should send C.V and a letter of intent
(either by email or post) to Dr Crompton.

Dr R.H. Crompton
Dept Human Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX


Enquiries can be made by telephone on +44 (0) 151 794 5500

(Unfortunately, this opening is only available to UK or EC residents)

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