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    Computer-aided visualization of flapping flight in birds

    Applications are invited for a post-graduate or post-doctoral research
    assistant in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, to
    develop 3-dimensional animation and visualization techniques to study of
    the aerodynamics of birds in flapping flight. The post, which is funded by
    a BBSRC research grant to Professor J. M. V. Rayner, is for a period of
    approximately one year, starting in Spring 1996.

    The candidate will contribute towards the development of a
    three-dimensional animated visualization of a flying bird which will be
    used to trace the development of its vortex wake. Extensive experiments
    have already demonstrated the structure of the wake: the purpose of this
    post is to develop a realistic computer model of a bird in flapping
    flight, using an existing and extensive archive of high-speed video and
    cine-film. Applicants should preferably have some knowledge of or interest
    in computer animation and/or visualization techniques, and of programming
    in a Unix / Silicon Graphics environment (IRIS Explorer or similar).
    Knowledge of the application of visualization methods in fluid mechanics
    or aeronautics, or of video or film analysis techniques, would be an
    advantage, but are not essential. Candidates should hold or expect to
    receive in the near future a PhD degree. The post, on the Research
    Assistant 1A/1B scale ( 14317 - 16628, under review), is available

    For further details and enquiries contact
    Professor Jeremy M. V. Rayner
    School of Biological Sciences
    University of Bristol, Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UG, U.K.
    tel. +44 117 928 8111, messages +44 117 928 7476, fax +44 117 925 7374

    Closing date for applications is 26 April 1996.