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CP children and O2/C02 consumption

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  • CP children and O2/C02 consumption

    Dear members,
    Some weeks ago i sent the following message :

    " As agent for Cosmed, manufacturer of the K4 - a portable O2/CO2 analyser - I
    am looking for information for one of my customer :
    He intends to buy a K4 to measure the oxygen consumption in CP children
    conditions. The manufacturer has implemented a database for predicted values for
    normal subject and we (my customer and myself) would like to adapt it to CP
    Children values.
    Does anyone has ever made this measurements yet and could you help me to solve
    this problem."

    I received very few answers and I wonder if this technique has already found an
    echo among the clinician community. It seems obvious to me and to some of my
    contacts that this methodology gives an immediate answer to the question : what
    is the improvement of my patient capacities after surgery or rehabilitation. The
    K4, being portable and accurate, gives, in real conditions, the energy
    expenditure value without modifying the subject's performances. (Correct me if I
    am wrong) .
    However, here is the summary of the answers I received :

    >From Dan India
    I believe the duPont Childrens lab has just presented papers on 02 and
    CP children with Cosmed. Pat Castagno 302-651-4615

    They integrated it a Motion Analysis Gait System. Do you or your
    client need info on Motion Analysis as well?

    Dan India

    >From Kathy Hinderer, M.S., M.P.T., P.T.

    I would also be interested in the K4 portable O2/CO2 analyser if you are
    able to adapt it to include predicted values for individuals with
    myelodysplasia (spina bifida). The energy expenditure for walking and
    wheelchair use was examined in the myelodysplasia population and compared
    to able-bodied peers in the following study.

    Williams, LV, Anderson, AD, Campbell, J, Thomas, L, Feiwell, E, Walker,
    JM. (1983). Energy cost of walking and of wheelchair propulsion by
    children with myelodysplasia: Comparison with normal children.
    Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 25, 617-624.

    Please keep me informed if you are able to adapt your values for this
    population. Thank you.

    Kathy Hinderer, M.S., M.P.T., P.T.
    Doctoral student, Department of Movement Science
    Division of Kinesiology, University of Michigan
    To: Martin van den Berg
    Subject: Re: O2 consumption and CP children

    I am interested in your machine that measures o2 consumption. I also
    work with children with CP. Could you please send me info on your k4.
    thanks in advance.

    From: Patrick Castagno
    To: Martin van den Berg
    Subject: Re: O2 consumption and CP children

    ........ The variables that we
    typically use are variables that we take from cosmed and manipulate
    ourselves. We are using the k2 system, not the k4 so do not have access
    to CO2 values. We look at the following variables for a pre walk state
    of 2 minutes sitting rest- then an exercise (walking) steady state value
    which consists of an average of 6 - 10 samples (30-40 seconds of 5 second
    samples) - then finally a recovery segment which is averaged at approx
    1-2 minutes of sitting rest after the walk (walk is usually 5-9 minutes
    depending on childs involvement and what it takes for child to reach
    steady state). The variables we analyze in these aformentioned 3
    positions are VO2/ml/kg/min, heart rate, volume of expired air (liters),
    and oxygen cost (VO2 normalized for walking velocity), also - we
    calculate an average velocity of walk over the entire walk duration.

    We have not published this information other than the abstract
    that came out in Gait and Posture journal for the 1995 and 1996 gait
    conferences. Specific references for these I will have to get back on
    that with you. Reply with any additional questions........



    Thanks all for your help and do not hesitate to post me your comments


    Martin van den Berg
    Cosmed distributor for Benelux and France
    Voice : 32-10-41.79.82
    Fax : 32-
    EMail :