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Biomechanica '91 (Hamburg/FRG, 30 Sep/1 Oct)

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  • Biomechanica '91 (Hamburg/FRG, 30 Sep/1 Oct)

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Today, I received the following Announcement:


    Symposium on the Biomechanics of the Movement Apparatus

    30 September -- 1 October 1991, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

    Its organiser, Erich Schneider, was recently appointed to the chair of Biomecha-
    nics at this University; this symposium is his public introduction with the
    Biomechanics community, after the many years spent by him in, a.o., the Execu-
    tive Councils of the European and International Societies of Biomechanics during
    his former position in Zuerich, Switzerland. Congratulations, Erich; it is a
    pleasure to quote your English Introduction from your Call for Papers!

    "The treatment of congenital, degenerative or traumatic changes of the musculo-
    skeletal system has progressed significantly in the past decades. These pro-
    gresses resulted from extensive experience and virtuosity in medical treatment,
    increasing knowledge on the behaviour of biological systems under mechanical
    influences and rapid developments of new technologies. The foundation of the
    Institute ("Arbeitsbereich") for Biomechanics at the Technical University
    Hamburg-Harburg has been the opportunity to initiate BIOMECHANICA, a symposium
    aimed at an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in the area of biomechanics.
    The meeting in the year of 1991 is concerned with the state of knowledge and
    the future perspectives in the areas of fracture treatment and artificial joint
    replacement. The results obtained so far should be presented with emphasis,
    but the problems still open should also be stated clearly.
    The symposium will be organized by the Centre for Biomechanics, a scientific
    cooperation between the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and the University
    of Hamburg. It will rely on speakers as well as participants. Selected
    researchers will present a synopsis of selected areas. They will question
    existing knowledge and will suggest possible future directions. But we also
    welcome speakers from the entire field of biomechanics who would like to
    present their work to a constructive and participating audience. We expect to
    meet with an exited, innovative and open minded group of people whose passion
    has become Biomechanics."

    Further details:

    Prof.Dr. Erich Schneider, Arbeitsbereich Biomechanik
    Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg
    Denickestrasse 15
    D - 2100 HAMBURG 90, Germany
    Tel. +49.40.7718 3053, FAX +49.40.7718 2288


    Dr Helmut Thamer, Technologievermittlung
    Technische Universitaet Hamburg-Harburg
    D - 2100 HAMBURG 90, Germany
    Tel. +49.40.7718 3205, FAX +49.40.7718 2573

    The conference will be bilingual (German/English), without simultaneous
    translation, and it will take place at the Denickestrasse location.
    Participation fee is DM 100,00 incl. Congress Proceedings, while students
    have free access without title to a copy of the proceedings. Registration
    is required not later than 1991-09-15, and a limited number of rooms have
    been tentatively reserved at nearby hotels until 1991-08-15.

    I'd like to remind potential visitors to this symposium that it immediately
    preceeds another German meeting in our field; see my 27 March posting on the
    "Mathematics in Orthopaedics" conference at the Oskar-Helene-Heim in Berlin,
    organised by Prof.Dr. J. Hoschek (T.U. Darmstadt / Univ. of Kaiserslautern)
    and Prof.Dr. U. Weber (Free University Berlin)[*]'.

    With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL
    [*] Retrievable with the one-line request SEND BIOMCH-L LOG9103 to
    database search.