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    Dear Networkers !

    I want to give some information about NEW International Journal:


    PL ISSN 0867-3829

    Applied Biology Communications - is a monthly issued journal, publishes commu-
    nications from experimental work, short reviev articles, letters to the Editor
    and to the Authors of presented papers. All materials relating to publication
    should be directed to the Editorial Office at the address :

    Mrs. Alina Dobosz
    20021 Lublin
    3/25 Orla str.

    or directly to the Publisher at the address :

    "FLUSH", 20611 Lublin
    20/63 Boleslaw Chrobry str.

    Instruction to Authors are published in each issue (or see below).

    Subscription orders should be sent to the Publisher, the personal subscription
    price is 40 USD, institutional 80 USD. The price includes surface postage but
    for airmail add 15 USD (Europe) & 25 USD (other countries). Single copies for
    2 USD. Subscription should be paid into the account :

    "FLUSH", PHBank Krakow, II Oddzial Lublin, 324207-5441-136.

    Personal cheques must be in US Dollars and drawn on a European Bank.



    Applied Biology Communications is intended to be an International Journal
    publishing promptly short original and reviev articles, communications and
    letters concerning reports, opinions and discussion. Topics include new
    and improved analytical and preparative methods, biotechnology and mole-
    cular biology, diagnostics and therapy, agriculture and breeding. Review
    articles should not be longer than 12 typewritten pages (including text,
    illustrations and bibliography), experimental articles - not longer than
    8 pages, communications and letters - not longer than 4 and 1 page respec-


    The submission of manuscript will be taken to imply that the material is
    original and has not been and will not be submitted for publication else-
    where. The manuscript plus one complete photocopy should be sent to the
    Editorial Office including a reviev fee (10 USD in any payment form - e.g.
    money order). A cover letter listing the name, address and telephone number
    of the corresponding author must accompany the manuscript. Manuscripts will
    be accepted in the English language only. Responsibility for the factual
    accuracy, typing, grammar and accuracy of bibliographic references rests
    entirely with the authors. Authors may expect to be notified within 3 weeks
    after submission about the acceptance of their papers for publication.
    Accepted papers should be published within 6 weeks. Authors will receive 25
    reprints free of charge, additional reprints could be ordered at a price of
    1 USD per copy.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    For more information such as sending sample copies of the Journal etc.
    contact me at the address:


    or write to the Publisher (postal address above)

    or phone to the Editorial Office at number (81) 55 21 60


    Peter Wojcierowski