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anthropometry and industrial design engineering

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  • anthropometry and industrial design engineering

    To: multiple recipients

    I am a lecturer and do research in a field that is closely connected to
    biomechanics: engineering anthropometry. I am involved in creating data-
    bases useful for industrial design engineers and human factor specialists.

    If anyone does something equal or knows a list where anthropometric problems
    can be discussed, I am very grateful to hear.

    One problem I like to mention here as an example:
    How large should be the diameter of the tube of a CT-scanner:

    1. as the maximum value of the elbow-to-elbow width from a representative
    sample measured in supine position?
    2. as the 95th percentile of the elbow-to-elbow width from the literature
    mostly measured in standing position?
    3. including 1. or 2. and a arbitrary chosen additional value for a
    comfortable posture?

    Johan F.M. Molenbroek
    Dept Industrial Design Engineering
    Delft University of Technology NL
    Jaffalaan 9, NL-2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands
    tel 31-15-783086
    fax 31-15-787316