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World Biomechanics Symposium

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  • World Biomechanics Symposium

    Dear BIOMCH-L'ers

    The organizers of the Second World Congress of Biomechanics, which was held
    in Amsterdam in 1994, as joined in foundation "Stichting World Biomechanics",
    have organized a one-day symposium. This symposium is the first of aa
    series of annual symposia, which will each year cover a different area of
    biomechanics and will consist of Dutch contributions except for the keynote
    speaker. The symposium is open to attendants from outside the Netherlands.
    If you are going to attend, please register by mail, fax or Email. The
    address information and the registration information can be found at the end
    of the program.

    I am looking forward to see some of the 1994 participants of the Second World
    Congress back in Amsterdam

    Leendert Blankevoort

    W o r l d B i o m e c h a n i c s S y m p o s i u m 1996

    Biomechanics in Orthopedics and Traumatology

    Thursday, November 7, 1996
    Auditorium, Free University
    De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands


    9.00 Registration and coffee

    9.30 Welcome
    Presentation of the Nominees of the World Biomechanics
    L. Blankevoort
    Secretary General, Stichting World Biomechanics

    9.40 Introduction to the
    1996 Low-Lands Biomechanics Award Lecture
    R. Huiskes
    Chairman, Stichting World Biomechanics

    9.50 1996 Low-Lands Biomechanics Award Lecture
    Hierarchically structured biologic tissues as paradigms for
    understanding complex material behavior
    V.C. Mow
    Columbia University, New York

    10.35 Coffee break

    10.50 Helical axes of symmetrical jaw movements predicted by a
    biomechanical model of the human masticatory system
    J.H. Koolstra
    Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)

    11.10 Optimal center of rotation for a temporomandibular joint
    J.P. van Loon
    University of Groningen

    11.30 Discussion

    11.40 Injury Biomechanics: the response of the human head-neck
    system in forward-rearward loading, studied
    experimentally and with musculoskeletal models
    R. Happee
    TNO Crash-Safety Research Centre, Delft

    12.00 Numerical modeling of head impact
    F. Sauren
    Eindhoven University of Technology

    12.20 Discussion

    12.30 Lunch

    13.30 The analysis of shoulder function: from motion to model
    D.J. Veeger
    Free University, Amsterdam

    13.50 The analysis of shoulder function: from model to
    F. van der Helm
    Delft University of Technology

    14.10 Discussion

    14.20 Determining the mechanical load on lumbar spinal motion
    segments in vivo: can the gap between whole-body mechanics
    and tissue mechanics be bridged?
    J. van Dieen
    Free University, Amsterdam

    14.40 Load distribution in trabecular bone: a link with
    H. Weinans
    University of Nijmegen

    15.00 Discussion

    15.10 Tea break

    15.30 Technical developments and clinical results of RSA in
    E.R. Valstar
    University of Leiden

    15.50 Biomechanical failure scenario's for total hip
    N. Verdonschot
    University of Nijmegen

    16.10 Discussion

    16.20 Multiphase Biomimetics
    J.M. Huyghe
    Eindhoven University of Technology

    16.40 Soft tissue developments around orthopedic implants:
    biphasic analysis
    W. van Driel
    University of Nijmegen

    16.50 Cells in cartilaginous tissue: how do we deal with them in
    biphasic models?
    E. Tanck
    University of Nijmegen
    17.00 Discussion

    17.10 Presentation of the 1996 World Biomechanics Promotieprijs
    (annual Dutch award for a PhD.-thesis)

    17.20 Drinks and snacks

    Registration information

    If you are planning to attend, please send a message to the secretariat,
    using mail, fax or Email.

    Early registration, before October 28, 1996 NLG 25.00
    (only for Dutch participants)

    On-site registration, after October 28, 1996 NLG 40.00
    (for foreign and "late" participants)

    Student registration NLG 15.00
    (proof required)

    Only early registration can be done through bank transfer:
    Postbank N.V., Amsterdam, Account nr. 43 39 272, Vrije Universiteit
    Please mention: "Kostenplaats 5.80017 World Biomechanics"
    Make sure that your name and address are mentioned on the bank transfer.
    On-site registration is by cash payment only. Credit cards and foreign
    chacks are not accepted. Lunch is included in the registration fee.
    An abstract- or proceedingsbook will not be produced. For help on traveling
    and hotel accommodation, please contact the secetariat:

    Secretariaat Stichting World Biomechanics
    800 Orthopedie, AZN/KUN, Postbus 9101 fax: +31 24 3540 555
    NL-6500 HB NIJMEGEN Email:
    The Netherlands