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DUBROVNIK - Kinesiology Conference

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  • DUBROVNIK - Kinesiology Conference

    25-28 SEPTEMBER, 1997.
    We are pleased to announce the 1st International Scientific
    Conference "KINESIOLOGY - PRESENT AND FUTURE", to be held from 25th
    to 28th September, 1997 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Conference is
    intended to act as a forum for fostering interactions among
    researchers in the scientific field of kinesiology. This Conference
    is organised by the Faculty of Physical Education, University of
    Zagreb and Croatian Society for Theoretical and Experimental
    Kinesiology and will be held under exclusive patronage of Croatian
    Academy of Sciences and Arts. It is scheduled to be held on a
    regular basis biannually in Dubrovnik - jewel town recognised as
    the town of world cultural legacy.

    It has been increasingly recognised over recent years that
    there are multiple research paradigms in our scientific field, as
    well as various theoretical frameworks and accordingly many
    different names. Etymologically, kinesiology is science of (human)
    movement. Belonging to the broader domain of anthropology, the
    kinesiology, according to our views, is primarily aimed at the laws
    governing the exercise processes, as well as a variety of
    consequences which those processes might have on humans.
    Kinesiological inference is indispensable for the prospect of the
    environmental adaptation to everyday life, elite sports performance
    and working conditions by improvement and optimal development of
    many relevant human characteristics, abilities and skills.

    Special tribute will be paid to the 140th anniversary of the
    first recorded mentioning of the term KINESIOLOGY (Dally, N.:
    Cinesiologie ou science du mouvement, Librarie centrale des
    sciences, Paris, 1857.).

    Conference topics are planned to be covered in two main
    1) Kinesiology - present and future, with subtopics:
    =09=B7 definition and delineation of our scientific field,
    =09=B7 inter/cross/trans/disciplinarity in kinesiology,
    =09=B7 measurement standardisation and instrumentation,
    =09=B7 experimental designs and data analysis.
    2) Applied kinesology with subtopics dealing with domains of:
    =09=B7 physical education,
    =09=B7 elite sports,
    =09=B7 recreation, and
    =09=B7 kinesiotherapy.

    Manuscripts which elaborate practical or theoretical aspects
    for the advancement of kinesiology as a science are especially
    desired. Presentation forms are planned to be: plenary sessions,
    oral presentations, poster sessions and round tables. The official
    language of the conference will be English. Each submission will be
    reviewed by two conference=92s scientific program committee members
    on the basis of manuscripts relevance, originality and clarity.
    Papers which will be accepted and presented at the conference will
    appear in a Conference proceedings book. The invited lectures will
    be published as a special issue of KINEZIOLOGIJA journal. Scholars,
    professionals, and students are cordially invited to participate.
    Steering committee welcomes those organisations which may wish
    to partly sponsor the conference.
    Further details listing: conference registration, program,
    deadlines, guidelines for submissions will be available in a CALL
    FOR PAPERS to appear in October 1996.
    Conference Secretary Address
    Kresimir Kristic - Secretary
    Faculty of Physical Education
    10000 Zagreb, Horvacanski zavoj 15
    tel.:+385 1 336822
    fax :+385 1 334146

    I Leo PAVICIC=09=09=09I e-mail:
    I Faculty of Physical Education=09I tel=09: (+385) 1 33 68 22=09I=09
    I University of Zagreb=09=09I fax=09: (+385) 1 33 41 46=09I
    I ZAGREB, Horvacanski zavoj 15=09I WWW=09:
    I CROATIA=09=09=09I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I