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Tasso Kaper


Interdisciplinary post-doctoral positions

Post-doctoral positions are available beginning 1 September 1997
for an N.S.F. funded
research program in ``Applied Mathematics for Systems of Oscillators in
Biology & Engineering" at Boston University.
The explicit goal of this program is to provide the
opportunity for collaborative interdisciplinary research training with
faculty in Mathematics (N. Kopell, T. Kaper), Aerospace & Mechanical
Engineering (J. Baillieul, M. Berkemeier, A. Nadim), Biomedical Engineering
(J. Collins, J. White), and Health Sciences (J. Schotland). The specific
problems to be addressed using this approach fall into three classes of
coupled oscillator systems: neural, mechanical, and neuro-mechanical. It is
expected that strong candidates will have a substantial research interest
in at least one of these areas. To apply, please send 1) a 1-page statement
that includes your career goals, how this position satisfies those goals,
and why you think you are a good candidate; 2) your C.V.; and 3) three
letters of recommendation to:

Oscillator Search Committee
Department of Mathematics
Boston University
111 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215

For more information, see our Web site
or write to the above address.
Please include your area(s) of research interest
(neural, mechanical, and/or neuro-mechanical)
in any correspondence.

Boston University is an Affirmative Action/
Equal Opportunity Employer.