Dear Users,

A colleage of mine who does not have access to e-mail asked me to post
the following.

His son is currently completing his high school education and plans to
pursue his career in the area of orthotics and prosthetics.

Father is searching for potential schools, colleges and universities
where he can send his son so that he may pursue his career plans.

Although that my colleage and his family live in Quebec City, Canada,
they are interested in academic institutions across Canada and the USA.

Since they have been able to locate only one college who offers a program
in orthotics and prosthetics (located in Laval, across the river from
Montreal), I seek your help in locating other institutions which offer a
degree in orthotics and prosthetics.

I would appreciate receiving the names and addresses of other institutions
as well as a contact person and his/her correspondance.

I will post the information forwarded (e-mailed) to me.


Norman Murphy, Ph.D.