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    Dear Dr. Claire T. Farley.

    I have interest to your message and your research that is shown below when I saw your
    message on biomech-list.
    I will introduce myself at first. I am a graduated student at Dept. of orthopaedic
    surgery, Tokai Univ. in JAPAN. But I am not a medical doctor. I graduated at
    Dept. of bio-medical engineering, Tokai Univ. on March, 1996. At the present,
    I am studying the biomechanics for the orthopaedic surgery. And my theme of
    investigation is to develop a measurement system for joint laxity at the wrist joint
    and to investigate the kinematics of the wrist joint. Although in this institution I
    can study the biomechanics in the clinical view, it it difficult to study it in the
    physiological view and for the rehabilitation. You may ask to me ,"Why do you
    have chosen in your laboratory?" Thus, I need to say reason about that. That reason
    is that in Japan, the research institution that conduct physiological biomechanics and
    one for the rehabilitation is a little. And There is not clearly information about institution
    of biomechanics. Thus, I have chosen my laboratory.

    One of my objects is to investigate biomechanics for the rehabilitation (particular in
    the prosthetics and orthotics). Therefore I want to study investigation that is conducted
    in your institution. And I want to relate biomecanical study that I will have to the prosthetics
    and orthotics. I hope that the study will useful for the rehabilitation.
    If you say, "OK", I will prepare to go to your institution. And I will study acknowledge
    that is required to me, harder. But there is problems that I will get a degree of the master in
    medical at March ,1998 and it is long distance for me to you.

    If you have interest to me or you remember me when I will get it, please write to me.
    Thanks. Best your wishes!
    Good bye.

    >> A Graduate Research Assistantship (Ph.D.) at the University of California-
    >> Berkeley is available for a highly qualified and motivated student
    >> interested in Locomotion Biomechanics. The research is part of an NIH
    >> funded project under the direction of Professor Claire Farley. A qualified
    >> student could pursue a Ph.D. in the Department of Integrative Biology or in
    >> the Graduate Group in Bioengineering. The research would take place in a
    >> newly renovated and well equipped modern laboratory. The research project
    >> focuses on: 1) the link between musculoskeletal stiffness and the
    >> biomechanics of locomotion; 2) the mechanisms for adjusting musculoskeletal
    >> stiffness during locomotion.
    >> UC Berkeley has numerous faculty in biomechanics and motor control that
    >> form a strong interactive group. These include Rodger Kram, Bob Full,
    >> Michael Dickinson, Steve Lehman, Mimi Koehl, and Tony Keaveny.
    >> If you wish to learn more about this graduate opportunity, please contact:
    >> Claire T. Farley, Ph.D.
    >> 103 Harmon
    >> University of California
    >> Berkeley, CA. 94720-4480.
    >> Phone: (510) 643 6698

    ************************************************** ****
    Tatsuya AIBA : Dept.of Orthopaedic Surgery,Tokai Univ.
    e-mail :
    URL : http//
    ADRESS : Bohseidai,Isehara-shi
    TEL : +81 463-93-1211 (ex.2320)