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Research Scholarship in Sweden

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  • Research Scholarship in Sweden

    A post-doctoral / sabbatical research position is being announced, subject
    to approved funding, at the Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory, in
    the Departments of Neuroscience and Human Biology at the Karolinska
    Institute and University College of Physical Education and Sports for the
    period 1st July 1997 to 30th June 1998, or part thereof.

    The research position is to be primarily within the field of human balance
    control and/or neuromuscular fatigue, however, other options may be
    available. The laboratory is well equipped for movement registration
    (optoelectronic and video based systems), electromyography (both surface
    and intra-muscular), force analysis (mounted force platforms) and equipment
    for provoking disturbances in standing balance and for strength
    measurement. Financing of the above position will be applied for from the
    Swedish Central Federation for Sports Promotion. The federation is
    celebrating its 100th year and has allocated approximately $42,000 US for
    promoting international research exchange in Sweden.

    The final date for application submission is Friday the 3rd of January. No
    special form is required, however, applications must include a detailed
    research plan, a description of expected costs and a curriculum vitae
    including a list of recent publications.

    Further information about the position can be obtained from either Alf
    Thorstensson or Andrew Cresswell.

    tel. +46 8 402 22 46
    tel +46 8 402 22 43
    fax +46 8 402 22 87

    Andrew G. Cresswell Med dr. (PhD)
    Dept Neuroscience
    Karolinska Institute
    Box 5626
    S-114 86 Stockholm