The following announcment may be interesting to biomedical engineers.
Please respond to Dr. Garner and not to the posting email address. Thanks.

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UT Southwestern Medical Center, Genome Science and Technology Center has an
immediate opening for a postdoctoral fellow to work on supercomputing, DNA
sequence analysis and gene identification. We have an HP/Convex Expemplar
parallel supercomputer among other systems and wish to develop software for
gene identification by sifting through very large datasets generated within
our experimental laboratory. For additional information about the
environment and research, please visit our WWW page at
We are seaking qualified applicants with a experience of Unix, C and
some knowledge of genetics. Additional knowledge or training in expert
systems homology search codes, parallel processing is a positive.
Applicants should be motivated and willing to learn and explore. Please
e-mail resumes to Professor Skip Garner at

Harold R. (Skip) Garner
P. O'B Montgomery Professor of Biochemistry
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Tx 75235-8591
(214) 648-1600
(214) 648-1666 Fax
"All modern thought is permeated by the idea
of thinking the unthinkable." - Foucault, 1926-1988
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