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PG Studies in Biomedical Engineering

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  • PG Studies in Biomedical Engineering

    Season's Greetings Biomch-L members,

    I have recently completed a Mechanical Engineering degree (BE Hons
    1st Class) at Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand. As
    part of my project work, I have been involved with orthopaedic surgeons
    designing diagnostic equipment to test elbow and wrist extension
    strength in tetraplegic patients following tendon transfer surgery.

    In conjunction, my coursework has concentrated on the following :
    Advanced Design, Materials Sciences (eg. Metallurgical Engineering;
    Composite, Polymeric and Ceramics; Fracture Mechanics and Failure
    Analysis), Computer Control and Instrumentation, Robotics, and
    Computational Solid Mechanics (FEA).

    Recently, I was awarded scholarship funding for 1 years study at any
    University in the States or Canada that will accept me! Therefore, I
    am looking to pursue a 1 year Masters degree in Biomedical
    Engineering, involving coursework and a project. Areas that interest
    me are: Rehabilitation Engineering (neural/mechanical control and
    testing of muscles), Biomaterials (design, analysis and testing),
    and Prosthetics.

    I would greatly appreciate any replies offering advice or possible
    contacts for institutions in the States or Canada with a highly
    regarded postgraduate Biomedical Engineering programme.

    I have had some contact and offers of interest from the Biomedical
    Eng Dept at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and
    understand there are also Biomedical Eng Depts at Stanford and the
    University of Kentucky.

    I shall post a summary of replies in due course for any other students
    out there who might be interested in further studies in this area.

    Thanks in advance (and apologies for the lengthy posting)!!!
    Tim Woodfield
    Tim Woodfield
    Mechanical Engineering Dept
    Canterbury University