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Ph.D. student vacancy in EU-training and mobility of researchersnetwork project NEUROS

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  • Ph.D. student vacancy in EU-training and mobility of researchersnetwork project NEUROS

    Dear colleagues

    Included I send you a vacancy announcement for a Ph.D. student position =
    at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University of Twente (3 =
    years) and University of Aalborg (1 year)
    in the area of "muscle dynamics in neuromuscular prostheses".

    This Ph.D. student project is part of the network project NEUROS, =
    subsidized by the European Union as part of the Training and Mobility of =
    Researchers program.
    In order to stimulate mobility of researchers, this program requires =
    that only foreign researchers from within the European Union can be =
    employed under this program.

    We would like to fill in this vacancy as soon as possible.

    Please post this vacancy announcement in your group and bring it under =
    the attention of potential candidates.
    Also, please spread it to anyone who may be interested or could spread =
    the vacancy announcement further.

    Thank you very much for your help

    Sincerely Yours

    Peter H. Veltink

    Ph.D. student vacancy announcement:

    Ph.D. student vacancy
    in EU funded Training and Mobility of Researchers project NEUROS
    Research School integrated Biomedical Engineering (iBME)

    Research subject: Muscle Dynamics in Neuromuscular Prostheses

    Start date: as soon as possible
    Nationality: EU-citizen, non-Dutch, (non-Danish) (requirement within the =
    Training and Mobility of Researchers program)

    3 year: University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands
    1 year: University of Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark

    Within the EU funded project NEUROS a Ph.D. student position is =
    available for=20
    research into the dynamics of artificially stimulated muscles and its =
    implications for=20
    neuromuscular prostheses for restoration of mobility in spinal cord =
    injured (SCI)=20
    individuals. Previous research indicate that important stimulation and =
    length history=20
    effects occur in the muscle dynamics in artificially stimulated rat =
    muscles (Huijing et=20
    al.). The subject of this Ph.D. research is:
    to investigate whether these effects also occur in human paralyzed =
    muscles which=20
    are electrically stimulated
    to investigate the implications of muscle dynamics for control of =
    mobility in SCI-
    individuals using neuromuscular stimulation.
    to develop adequate models of muscle dynamics, of which the parameters =
    can be=20
    identified, and determine how these models can be used in the control of =

    In total a 4 year Ph.D. student position is available: 3 years of the =
    research will be=20
    performed at the University of Twente (UT), Enschede, the Netherlands, 1 =
    year of=20
    research will be performed at Aalborg University Centre (AUC), Aalborg, =
    Employment will be 3 year at UT and 1 year at AUC. Ph.D. will be under =
    responsibility of the research school Integrated Biomedical Engineering =
    (iBME) in=20
    which is headed by UT.
    The Ph.D. student will be supervised by: P.H. Veltink, Prof.dr. =
    P. Huijing and=20
    Prof.dr. T. Sinkjaer.

    NEUROS is a project in the EU Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) =

    program. The project is carried out in a network of 10 European research =
    institutes in=20
    the area of Neuromuscular Sensing and Control. In order to increase =
    mobility of=20
    researchers foreign EU citizens can only be employed within TMR projects

    For information:
    - Contact P.H. Veltink, tel. +31-53-4892765; fax +31-53-4892287; =
    e-mail:=20; address: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, =
    of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, the Netherlands.
    - inspect www:
    inspect www:

    If you are interested in the position: please send your letter + =
    Curriculum Vitae to=20 Peter H. Veltink, at his address / e-mail specified above.