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  • ISB Tokyo Congress

    Dear Colleagues,

    As the organizing committee of the XVIth ISB Congress, we welcome you to
    Tokyo in 1997, and appreciate all your efforts to help us make the Congress
    a success.

    Recently we have received several letters requesting an extension of the
    deadline for abstract submission. The deadline currently stands at December
    15, 1996. However, it seems that we may all miss out on some valuable
    presentations if this deadline is strictly adhered to. So we hereby extend
    the deadline for abstract submission to January 15, 1997.

    We appreciate your understanding on this matter, and look forward to
    meeting you in Tokyo in August, 1997.

    Also, the organizers of the XVIth Congress of the International Society of
    Biomechanics has set up a mirror site of the Congress Home Page. Our server
    frequently hangs up. If you receive an error message when accessing our
    server (, please try the
    following URL:

    Many apologies for the inconvenience.
    Merry Christmas!

    Yours sincerely,
    S. Fukashiro, Congress Secretary