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    We recently published a small book, "Directory of Graduate Programs in the
    Allied Health Sciences" that has the information you are looking for. You
    can get further information about this book by going to our home page at
    Hope this helps

    Victor Katch
    Department of Movement Science
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    office 313 747-2704
    fax 313 662-8153

    Visit the Exercise Physiology Club

    McArdle, Katch, & Katch
    4th edition of Exercise Physiology now available
    Williams & Wilkins Publishers
    To inquire call 1-800-638-0672

    On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Marco Cardinale wrote:

    > Dear Netters,
    > I am trying to browse the InterNet searching for universities
    > offering doctoral program in SportScience or Exercise Physiology and
    > I am having hard time. in fact using the motor engines and the simple
    > keyword I receive a lot of informations that are not useful. Is there
    > any site in which is possible to find available assistantships in
    > that area or a list of universities offering the above courses ?
    > Mainly I am searching for positions available from september 1997;can
    > anyone help me in this direction ?
    > Thank you in advance,
    > Marco Cardinale
    > \\\
    > 00
    > ________ooO___()__Ooo_________________
    > Marco Cardinale
    > United States Sport Academy
    > One Academy Drive,36526 Daphne
    > Alabama,USA
    > Tel.334) - 625 - 3303- ext.168
    > Fax 334) - 626 - 1149
    > _______________________________________