Dear listpeople,

I have a text that I want to refer to in an article, but I don't know exactly
where it came from. Could you help me please?

The writers are: E.V. Evarts & R. Granit,
the title is: "Relation between reflexes and intended movements",
and the text originally was the opening address of something.

The text deals with the situation that a disturbance to the arm is used as a
trigger to start a voluntary movement of the arm. In the case that the
disturbance causes reflexive muscle forces which oppose the desired movement,
it is seen that after a small number of consecutive trials the reflex is

What I would like to know is: Of what is this the opening address, and what is
the year of publication? Judging from the reference list, publication must have
been in or shortly after 1976 (!).

Much thanks in advance,

Leonard Rozendaal
Dutch Shoulder Group