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    Great news on the deadline.

    This means I don't have to work this weekend!!

    On Wed, 11 Dec 1996 12:36:39 +0900 "S.Fukashiro, Ph.D."

    > Dear Colleagues,
    > As the organizing committee of the XVIth ISB Congress, we welcome you to
    > Tokyo in 1997, and appreciate all your efforts to help us make the Congress
    > a success.
    > Recently we have received several letters requesting an extension of the
    > deadline for abstract submission. The deadline currently stands at December
    > 15, 1996. However, it seems that we may all miss out on some valuable
    > presentations if this deadline is strictly adhered to. So we hereby extend
    > the deadline for abstract submission to January 15, 1997.
    > We appreciate your understanding on this matter, and look forward to
    > meeting you in Tokyo in August, 1997.
    > Also, the organizers of the XVIth Congress of the International Society of
    > Biomechanics has set up a mirror site of the Congress Home Page. Our server
    > frequently hangs up. If you receive an error message when accessing our
    > server (, please try the
    > following URL:
    > Many apologies for the inconvenience.
    > Merry Christmas!
    > Yours sincerely,
    > S. Fukashiro, Congress Secretary
    > $B!|? $BEl5~Bg3XBg3X1!Am9gJ82=8&5f2J@8L?4D6-2J3X7O?HBN1?F02J3X8&5f $B") (B153 $BL\9u6h6p>l (B3-8-1 $B,6 (B03-5454-6865 $B+~ (B 03-5454-4317
    > $B!| (BSenshi FUKASHIRO, Ph.D. Associate Professor-----------
    > Department of Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
    > Address (office): 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan 153
    > PHONE +81-3-5454-6865 FAX +81-3-5454-4317
    > E-mail:
    > $B!| (BXVIth ISB Tokyo Congress 1997 Secretariat ------------
    > c/o Fukashiro Laboratory, FAX +81-3-5454-9494
    > E-mail:

    Dr Gerard Garbutt
    Principal Lecturer
    Staffordshire University
    School of Sciences
    Division of Sport, Health and Exercise
    ST4 2DF

    Tel: 01782 294341
    Fax: 01782 747167