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New Book: Essays on Ecological Spirituality

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  • New Book: Essays on Ecological Spirituality

    New Book: Essays on Ecological Spirituality

    Dear Colleagues:

    I have recently published a book entitled "Deeper Ecology: Essays on
    Ecological Spirituality," which outlines and discusses a protocol for the
    preservation and restoration of global ecology, wildlife populations, and
    ecosystems based on the degradation due to human exploitation. This book
    also delves into the "connectedness" aspect of humans to the natural world,
    with my own personal reflections on our role in the scheme of the finer
    workings of the world's flora and fauna. The Journal of Mammalogy and
    The Canadian Field Naturalist, as well as a dozen other publications, are
    planning to review this book in the near future. I invite you to read
    from the text; at the following website:

    Ordering instructions for the book are shown there as well. Special
    Notice: The cost of this text has been reduced to only $6.95 per copy!
    Also, additional text from the book has been added to the site as of 12/4/96.

    Here is a sample of text from the website (If you cannot access this
    please e-mail me for the information):

    "The universe is in a constant state of entropy; that is, all matter is
    trying to
    break into a simpler form, and life strives to alter this course by building
    creating an environment of sustainable use. As someone once told me: Going
    against nature is a part of nature too. I think that this is why I prefer
    living, because it is quite frankly an easier mode of existence, in such a
    of molecular diffusion. For this thought I introduce, finally, my concept of
    Deeper Ecology, which to my thinking is a synthesis of what the Native
    American Indians and Buddhists and Taoists were trying to accomplish. With
    these three disciplines I shed a light of science and biology into the grand
    scheme of cosmic, inter-related metaphysics which seem to dominate the Homo
    sapien struggle to at once master the planet and attain a sense of humility
    through the process. Deeper Ecology is a realization that we are composed
    of the same elements that exist in nature, and thus we are no more important
    than all living and non-living material around us. Some suggest that I am
    giving up the cause of environmental restoration, and perhaps denying my
    species of it's grandeur (Which for some odd reason individuals insist on
    promoting). All I am trying to do is propose a level of consciousness which
    surpasses most modern belief systems, and which I believe can lead to a
    and more fulfilling span of life on Spaceship Earth, before each and every
    of our physical bodies returns to the soil. To me this is reality in it's
    truest form.
    This is the skeleton of every argument posed by every critical thinker that
    ever been, and that will set foot upon this realm. Humans have only been on
    the biosphere for a fraction of it's entirety, and we must keep this in mind
    when trying to establish notions of mastery and dominance over an entity
    which gave birth to us to begin with and will persist long after we have
    wasted much valuable time, attempting to reverse it s inherent processes
    of homeostasis."

    Thank you very much,
    David Doyle
    Wildlife Ecologist

    P.S. My apologies for any cross-postings and/or duplications of this