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New Diabetic Foot Website

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  • New Diabetic Foot Website

    A new web site designed to help Primary Care Physicians and their patients
    prevent diabetic foot problems is now available. A number of clinical
    biomechanics issues are also discussed.

    The site features a problem based "Prevention Guide for Clinicians", which
    outlines prevention and early management strategies for common
    complications seen in primary care practice such as loss of protective
    sensation, ischemia, foot ulcers, infection and the Charcot foot. It also
    includes an interactive case presentation. The "Prevention Guide for
    Patients" has practical information to help decrease the risk of amputation
    and other complications. The site includes a foreword by former U.S.
    surgeon general C. Everett Koop. M.D., who sponsored the development of the
    page through a visiting fellowship at the C. Everett Koop Institute at

    The address of the site is:

    Authors: Greg M. Caputo MD
    Jan Ulbrecht MD
    Peter R. Cavanagh PhD

    { Peter R. Cavanagh }
    { Center for Locomotion Studies }
    { Penn State University }
    { University Park }
    { PA 16802 USA }
    { }
    { Voice +1 814 865 1972 }
    { FAX +1 814 863 4755 }
    { Email PRC@PSU.EDU }
    { WWW }