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Cartilage Properties for FEM

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  • Cartilage Properties for FEM

    Dear Biomech-l subscribers;

    I am writing to ask for suggested values for the mechanical properties of
    the cartilages and meniscus of the medial compartment of the knee. I am
    interested in forming a Finite Element model for preliminary studies and
    am curious if an elastic model and respective material properties are
    sufficient to describe a single solution in time. The purpose of the
    model is not to demonstrate time-dependent behavior of the tissue's
    stress states, only to demonstrate changes in cartilage stress levels
    with joint geometry changes. Due to the fact only a relative comparison
    is sought, I was hoping an elastic (i.e. non-biphasic) model would be
    sufficient to represent the contact behavior at some arbitrary instant in
    time (with the understanding that the results would normally demonstrate
    a time dependence).

    Do you believe an elastic model can produce useful comparisons? If so,
    can you recommend 'effective' elastic moduli (or non-linear relations)
    and poisson ratios for the medial articular cartilages of the knee and
    the medial meniscus.

    Thank you very much for any information you can provide,

    Jack Kotovsky
    University of California, Davis