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Biomechanics or iatromechanics

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  • Biomechanics or iatromechanics

    Dear colleagues,
    A short time ago, I posted a message about who coined the
    word BIOMECHANICS. Though the 1911 German reference of
    Benedikt or Benedict is still undefeated, there are reasons
    to beleive that earlier references can be found.

    B.J. Fregly from San Jose, California is aware of a book published
    in 1906, in German, in which the concept of net muscle joint
    torques and how to calculate them are discussed. He needs now to
    establish if the word biomechanics is specifically referenced
    in the text.

    Paul DeVita from East Carolina University in the United States
    was also investigating the origin of the word biomechanics
    and particularly in relation to the Russian theater director
    Vsevolod Meyerhold (1874-1940). He did biomechanical
    theater in the first three decades of this century. Paul DeVita
    encourages us to read a complete article on Meyerhold
    which he has written in the next ISB Newsletter.

    Peter Zioupos from the University of York has lauch an
    interesting semantic debate. Though it appears that the
    word biomechanics has come up at the turn of this century,
    iatromechanics was well known in the previous centuries.
    Specific references to iatromechanics need to be found.

    The word hunt is still open but enlarged to both

    Best wishes to everyone and many thanks to those who have
    contributed to this quest.

    Paul Allard
    Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement
    Research Center
    Sainte-Justine Hospital
    3175 Cote Ste-Catherine
    Montreal, PQ, H3T 1C5, Canada
    tel 1 514 345 4740
    fax 1 514 345 4801