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Error in describing relative motion

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  • Error in describing relative motion

    Hello everyone!

    I had a question about the advantages and disadvantages of the different
    systems used to describe relative motion of rigid bodies: the Euler
    angles, the Grood and Suntay joint coordinate system and the Helical
    angles. Kadaba et al. (1990) used the Eulerian system and performed an
    error analysis of misplaced markers that define the flexion/extension
    axis of the knee. They stated that all of the computed knee joint angles
    would be in error if the flexion/extension motion did not occur about the
    true flexion/extension axis. Would this and similar problems be
    alleviated by using either of the other systems (i.e., joint coordinate
    system or helical angles)? What other problems could be encountered
    through these systems by poorly defining the embedded axes?

    Thank you for your time. I will post the responses.

    Leonard D'Addesi
    Human Performance Lab
    Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    tel: 215-503-1646