Im working on a mechanical FEM model of the head and brain for analysis of
impact to the head.
Therefor Im interested in the mechanical properties of head tissues and
especially of the brain tissues ,which are not well defined in published

I am familiar with the work of:
1) L. Z. Shuck & S. H. Advani: "Rheological Response ot Human Brain
Tissue in Shear" (1972)
2) J. E. Galford & J. H. McElhany: "A Viscoelastic study of scalp, brain
and dura" (1970)
3) J. H. McElhaney and co-workers: "Dynamic Characteristics of the
tissues of the head" (1973)

I'm looking for some new test results (preferably using Ultrasound

I'm also familiar with the recently published review in Med. & Bio. Eng. &
Comp. Of September 1996: "Finite-element models of the human head", by L.
Voo, S. Kumaresan and co-workers.

In view of all the above, I would be grateful to get any other source of
mechanical properties of brain and head tissues, especially new ones and
even of non impact related.
Actually I will be happy to get any directions to experimental results on
this matter.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I promise to summarize and post the answers

Ariel Sverdlik
Department of Biomedical Engineering
TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technology