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    I've used Turbo Pascal for around ten years, from versions 3.0 to 7.0,
    and have been very happy with it. I don't use C but have heard that C is
    harder to debug, because it lets you get away with too much. I don't
    know if this is still true.

    Books I've used include _Turbo Pascal For Windows_, by Neil J. Rubenking
    (1992, Ziff-Davis Press) and _Turbo Pascal for Windows 3.0 Programming_,
    by Tom Swan (1991, Bantam Books). I don't know whether these are still
    available or not; possibly one or the other has been updated for the new
    version, since Borland Pascal 7.0 has been replaced by Delphi (now at
    version 2.0, I think). This is one of those rapid application
    development packages. I've not used it (nor have I yet gone to Windows
    95) but I believe it still has Pascal as its core.

    I would say that Pascal is probably a good transition language from
    Fortran. I suggest you also get a generic Pascal text that explains the
    language itself (rather than a specific implementation of it), such as
    _Programming in Pascal_, by Peter Grogono (1978, Addison-Wesley).
    Admittedly this is an old book (from my wife's college days) but it gives
    a step by step explanation of just how Pascal works and why.

    Good luck,
    --Sandy Stewart

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